September 2016- present

Haven’t posted for a while so here’s a post on some things I have done since September.

After submitting my first project in my second year I was so bored because I was used to constantly doing my work so I decided to make a few things and make use of my time before getting into my second project.

I made a small hexagonal shelf out of lollipop sticks after seeing it on pinterest and I also made a few decorations from old sample wood by hammering nails into them and using cotton creating different pictures (Christmas tree & dandelion).



During the end of my first term and over the Christmas break I have again been quite bored because of not having much university work to do so I decided to pick up my paints and start painting again and I’m glad I did because I’ve made some really nice and personal paintings (Used watercolour). I have never really drawn or painted animals before and this was my first attempt at a portrait of my own dog.



Summer 2016 – Photography, art and other things! 

These are a few things from my summer 2016 after I finished my first year at university, I was very glad to finish and have a break as I found my first year very hard especially the last project which was quite a mess, anyway below are a combination of photography, art and personal things from my summer which I enjoyed loads!!

The first set of photographs are from Japfest which I attended in April.


The second post below includes a few photographs from a little cafe in the lake district (Windermere)  which I found so stunning inside that I had to draw it (badly it’s wonky) and a few other photos from an abandoned mushroom farm in Selby.



And below are some other things I did/took photos of for the rest of the summer including  a few more from lake district, mostly Windermere and also a photograph from Knaresborough I recommend visiting both places they’re great for photographs and nice little cafe’s and little shops.more stuff fff.jpg

And finally in the month before my second year of university started I decided to start drawing again and made a little series of elephant drawings, this is also were I started to want to make little crafts and decided to fill this copper wire board my dad had gotten me with free samples of fabrics and photographs and it makes a nice decoration on my bedroom wall.



Interior Design year 1 – University

During my first year of studying I learn’t a lot about interior design, CAD and floor plans, below are just a few parts of my first few months leading up to Christmas break, the work is very basic but I was only just starting to learn things like model making and Photoshop.


Below are parts of my work from January right to when I finished my first year, the project was to create a new fresh design for the frozen yogurt store ChillBox. There are 2 floor plans rendered, a rendered section, sample board, 2 very poor visuals and an Auto Cad drawing, again, its not the best work because I was still learning skills (and still am) but it was just my first year and it doesn’t count towards my actual degree. On results day I was very surprised and happy to have gotten a 2:1 although it doesn’t count.




Getting into University

After my foundation course I was now 100% sure what I wanted to do and that was Interior Design. So I applied to 4 different university’s and got interviews for all 4, I only attended 3 which were Leeds Becket, Sheffield Hallam and The University Of Huddersfield. I decided not to attend the one at Nottingham Trent because it was far and I didn’t want to stray too far from home.

After the interviews I got 2 unconditional offers and 1 conditional offer. The first unconditional was from Sheffield Hallam to study Interior Design, during my interview there I wasn’t very impressed with their interior design studio it was quite small and unimpressive. The second unconditional was from Leeds Beckett to study Interior architecture & design, during that interview I did like the studio and I was set on going there. The third and final interview was my only conditional offer at The University Of Huddersfield to study Interior Design and I was interviewed by myself which hadn’t happened in my previous interviews, the difference between this place was that they have a small building for architecture, interior and other design courses, the building is modern and the studios are welcoming with big windows and are full of computers and space to work. I knew as soon as I left the interview which went fairly well that this is the place I wanted to study. The condition was that I passed my foundation course, which I did so I got in.

My Foundation Course From Start To Finish!

This is going to be one long post! I did a lot of things during the time I was studying my foundation course so I selected some of my favorite bits to post!

The Beginning: Exploratory stage


My Stairs Project: I don’t really know where I was going with this project it went from 1 drawing of a set of stairs to a full blown project and exhibition about stairs.


Life Drawing: This was an interesting part of my foundation course, drawing in front of a real life model.


Paris Trip! (Project Paris In The Park)


Random drawings (not to sure what project they were in)

f randow.jpg

The End – Final Major Project: I focused on interior light play in this project and produced a two part exhibition, one side photographs of some development and the other side an interior light play ‘experience’ where you could close the curtain and see all the different shapes the lanterns made.

I achieved a Merit at the end of my foundation year and had decided that I wanted to go into Interior Design.

fmp 1.jpg



School, College and then… what now!?

So part way through my second year at college it was time to decide what I would do next, I was enjoying my photography class but I knew that’s not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life I like it more as a hobbie and I didn’t think it would get me very far doing it as a degree (not saying people shouldn’t do it as a degree I just don’t think personally I would of gotten very far doing it) so I was pretty much stuck, Until one day a course was presented to my class by one of my art teaches it was a Art & Design Foundation course in which I would gain a diploma from and I knew that was what I wanted to do for the following year.

The foundation course is a place where you can find out what you’re good at and what you want to go on to do by the end of it and I recommend doing that course to anyone reading this who was stuck like me and wanted to do something along the creative lines but didn’t know which way to go.

A Level Photography – Year 1 & 2

This is a post about my first and second year in photography, during the 2 years I studied in college, photography was by far my favorite subject in which I achieved a grade A. I always had ideas for photo shoots and I loved every project I was given, below are just a few examples.


My all time favorite project in photography was were I photographed abandoned buildings, it was an exciting experience to visit these amazing places and photograph them and also edit the photographs on a computer and by hand, below are some of the photographs I took.

p blog 6.jpg

Below is some more photographs I took within the 2 years.

PBLOG 7.jpg

A Level Art – College Year 2

This is a small selection of work from my second year studying A Level Art, I really enjoyed this project I did focusing on pointillism. I mainly worked with a fine liner pen producing drawings which took me hours to complete but in the end they were worth it. I also used paint which I liked but the finished look of the fine liner drawings was quite satisfying.